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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Top 10 ways a trip to Childrens Hospital becomes a blog entry.....

10. Accidentally dating all the forms with the year 2003.

9. Completely skipping the sections asking for the parents names,
birth dates and social security numbers. (Nah, that's not suspicious.)

8. C and I both ending up covered in pee trying to catch some in a tiny specimen cup.....

7. ....spilling what we managed to collect all over the bathroom sink....

6. ....and then holding our dripping fingers over the cup to salvage what we could from the only source we had. (We are nothing if not good under pressure.)

5. When her oxygen levels were only registering at 95%, I asked if they round up on that number. Apparently they don't.

4. We had to ask the nurse how to shut the room door. She explained "You have to yank on it real hard." To which Z replied, "That's what she said...." (And I actually giggled. I've officially been corrupted by boy humor.)

3. The very nice doctor went into an awkward and lengthy demonstration of all the different sounds of Croup.....I found myself debating whether or not to administer the Heimlich Maneuver as I avoided all eye contact with Z.

2. When the nurse had me confirm C's birth date before giving her medicine I mistakenly said March 19th instead of the 16th. (oops.) Then she asked me if she was allergic to anything to which I replied no. She explained that she flavored it with Cherry syrup to hide the taste and right as C swallowed it, Z jokingly said, "Wait. Isn't she allergic to cherry syrup?" (Granted, the look on the nurse's face was priceless...but Chuckle's junior needs to learn when to keep his yap shut.)

1. And the number one way a trip to Childrens Hospital turns into a blog entry is....(drum roll please)....when a generously sized admission nurse comes in to register us and gets wedged between the wall-mounted computer and the bed rails. When I saw the panicked look on her face I asked if she needed help but she refused and decided to just rock back and forth sideways until she broke free. And I couldn't help but be proud of ourselves for keeping straight faces as my finger hovered over the 'call button' in case the rocking idea didn't work out. (That's called maturity, people.)

So today I am thankful. First, for the fact that C only has Croup and nothing more serious. And second, I'm thankful that it was my 16 year old son with me.....because believe it or not, it could have been much worse had it been my husband.

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  1. Reason #3 is my favorite!!!!!! I can imagine how awkward that was and trying not to laugh!! :)