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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Courter-ly Update

Occasionally, I consolidate several smaller posts into one blog entry, and seeing as I haven't posted since the end of January, maybe it's time for an update on a few recent highlights.

I'm thrilled to report that 7 weeks ago, my daughter and her husband welcomed a baby girl into the world, thus adding a 2nd grandchild into our family. What a blessing to watch our children parent their children. I've had the joy of frequently babysitting both grandbabies at the same time, and on those days, to say my hands are full is an understatement, but nothing to compare to how full my heart is. These babies...they own their Sassy, that's for sure.

TOAD-ally Screwed
In other, more random, news; Kearstin has 2 albino African Dwarf frogs. Channing & Tatum, as they're called, have lived uneventfully in a fish tank in her bedroom for 3 years...until my husband found a gigantic aquarium at a yard sale for 20 bucks. Like, this-thing-belongs-in-a-doctor's-office-waiting-room, gigantic. Anyhoo, we moved them in a couple months ago and suddenly Channing won't get off of Tatum's back, thousands of eggs are filling the tank, and we currently have at least 12 tadpoles and counting. So, why is this news, you might ask? Because, what in the hell do we do about this? Seriously, I'm asking you. What?..in the hell?? do we do?!?

Fined and Dandy
Every year, our family likes to go away together and survive off the grid like Alaskan Bush People for a few days. Except we stay in a cabin. With food. And plumbing. And Electricity. And a hot tub. But no internet or cell service, so it's like we're totally roughing it. We're brave like that. We stayed in the same cabin last year, but this year, we found these notifications posted:
If you move the pool table AT ALL, you'll be fined $200.
Grass in the hot tub, $100.
Eating in the hot tub, $100.
Excessive maintenance, $50.
Smoking, $75.

What exactly are they trying to say? We never smoked.

We had an amazing time again this year, we're hoping for a return trip next year, but are fully prepared to see a few new signs:
Sleeping on the pool table, $50.
Marching around with a pool stick, $75.
Stringing up a slack line between 2 trees to practice tight rope walking, $100.
Easter Egg fights in the front yard, $100.
Propane Rodeos, $200.
Repairing the base board corner the puppies (may or may not have) chewed, using craft paint, crayons, and Easter Egg dye...Don't call us, we'll call you.

But hey, at least we didn't use our 15 foot jump rope in the house this year...that would've required us to move the pool table. Again.
Propane Rodeos?