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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

There are 2 types of moms in this world....those who have sons that juggle, and those who don't.....

Admittedly, there could be a whole lot worse going on with our 16 year old son. He gets good grades, has great friends, he's focused on the right things, and all in all he's got pretty good decision making skills......but don't think for a minute that the juggling doesn't wreak it's fair share of havoc on our family. Granted, it doesn't keep me up at night, but few things have the power to 'keep me up at night.'

When it comes to Z's interests, he's always thought a little outside the box. He started Karate when he was four and earned his Black Belt when he was twelve. For eight years, any and all pieces of wood became free game and normally ended up broken in half and nailed to his bedroom wall as notches of defeat. I also had to be on my guard at all times for fear he was waiting around a corner as he practiced being 'stealth.' (And he was really good at that.) And it wasn't uncommon to hear a loud and sudden "KE-OP!!!" resonate through the quiet house, sending the dog running and the adults grabbing their hearts. But we survived. After Karate, he entered gymnastics and competed for a boys team that was located an hour away from our house and he practiced four nights a week for three hours a night. Need I say more about that one? I ended up with freaking hemorrhoids and had to sit on an inter tube....but whatever. And if you didn't know, gymnastics and diving seem to go hand in hand and he would take his skills from the gym to the fifteen foot high dive at the local water park. That was all fine and good until we had an exchange student from Japan who liked to copy anything Z did. When I saw Kosuke kick into a scary unstable handstand fifteen feet in the air and proceed to crash into the water as one might crash into a brick wall I think I blacked out. Suddenly I was picturing having to mail him back to Japan in several pieces.......

Now Z juggles. First of all, I'm sick to death of finding his balls lying all over the house. And I may as well tell you that I'm sick of the giggles from my husband every time I yell at Z to pick up his balls. Secondly, there isn't a moment in this house when he's not juggling and calling everyone together to watch his 'new move.' It's exhausting. I told him that I'm completely aware that he doesn't hear a word I'm saying when he's got his balls in his hands. (Insert my husband giggling here......) And since we've all started watching episodes of 'The Office' I can't say anything these days without Z replying, "That's what she said." (Husband giggling again....) As someone who grew up with zero brothers, this 'living with boys' thing is kind of disgusting.

As if the balls alone aren't enough trouble, enter the uni-cycle he got for Christmas. (ALL Santa's idea. I assure you, 'Mrs. Clause' had nothing to do with that one.) Z spent the entire winter teaching himself to ride a uni-cycle through our house. It wasn't uncommon to hear screaming as he would come teetering around a corner like a drunk driver and knock someone over.....sending his balls flying.....(Okay, now I giggled....crap.)

Needless to say, the signs of Spring bring a welcome relief to our house. The uni-cycle has been moved to the garage and hopefully his balls will soon follow. I couldn't help but think how great it would be to have his juggling moved outside. I was surprised when he agreed with me......and then he asked if he could get some flaming juggling torches......I think I might take up drinking.

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  1. This is beginning to sound alarmingly like Circus-town. Doesn't Zac realize he comes from a long line of clown-haters on his mother's side? If he gets a big red honking nose or giant floppy shoes, I'm scheduling an intervention!