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Monday, March 15, 2010

Three years ago today, I was pissed at Tori Spelling......

I don't know Tori Spelling. I've never read any of her books and only caught a couple episodes of her reality show several years ago. But what Tori Spelling never knew, was that she and I shared the same due date.....April 12, 2007.....and 3 years ago today, news broke that Tori had given birth to a healthy baby on March 13th. I'm sure all the moms out there can relate to my 'end of pregnancy rage.' You get to that point where your maternity shirts don't fit anymore, people freely offer up their opinions that you look 'ready to pop', and you hit rock bottom when you have to ask your husband to join you in the bathroom because you can't see, much less reach, any of the areas below the waist that need shaved. But I digress......

Needless to say, I'd reached that point. So when I woke up that morning to hear that Tori (yeah, we're on a first name basis), had given birth, I became enraged....and I went on an eating binge, but that's neither here nor there.....By the time I called my husband at work, I was in tears and things only got worse when he didn't seem to understand the magnitude of what had just happened. (Oh, the things I've had to forgive....) I was in such an emotional frenzy the entire day, it didn't really register that I was starting to have contractions. By 4pm, I realized it was time to call my husband again. He answered the phone with, "I really don't want to hear anymore about Tori Spelling." (Men.)

On March 16th 2007, two wonderful things happened. Our healthy daughter arrived at 12:18am, and I completely forgave Tori Spelling......much to her relief I'm sure.

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