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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boy Scouts, we're not.

For those who are unfamiliar with what's going on in 60% of our country right now.....we're under a major ice storm!

And what should you do when you're under a major ice storm?!? Why, be on Facebook, of course! Last night I sat obsessed watching my friends status updates and reading about their flickering lights, electrical outages and everything they did to prepare for it. Some even went so far as to fill their bathtubs full of water to use to flush with! Brilliant! Too bad I didn't listen.

Here's as far as I went. "Hey Babe! Do we still have those two generators in the barn?" He answered, "Yep." And with that, and the fact that a massage therapist is never short on candles, our lives carried on as usual. We texted our friends without thinking that maybe we should have our phones charging. We let that valuable water simply drain from the tub after our baths. And we sat mindlessly in front of the television enjoying Ramona & Beezus as a family. And just as Ramona was about to pirouette into the giant peanut butter sandwich, our house went completely dark and quiet.....and then chaos ensued.

My lighter wasn't with my candles. Our brand new flashlights didn't come with batteries. Every cell phone in our house was almost dead. We couldn't find the electric bill for the number to call in case of an outage. To get to the generators, we'd have to risk life and limb. And out of nowhere, everyone in the family had to go to the bathroom!!!

If not for Z's glow-in-the-dark juggling balls, we'd still be running in circles. When my husband said, "Bring your balls over here and help me find the electric bill," nobody even giggled. (You know you're in full out crisis mode when nobody giggles at ball innuendos .)

We finally got everyone situated in our bedroom in front of the fireplace and somehow, without the use of box fans for background noise, we managed to fall asleep. Three hours later we awoke to find our house had miraculously come back to life.

At 3am we were making the rounds of turning off all the lights and told K to go turn off the television. A few minutes later we heard her yell, "Hey everybody!! The little words on the bottom of the tv say we're under an ice storm warning!"

Good to know.

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