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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Time for another Peek at a Week

It's been a busy 7 days around here and for those who know us well, or read this blog, that's usually not a good sign. But I'm pleased to report that this one wasn't all bad!

C and I had our annual adventure of taking our dog, Summer to the vet and it went rather well. Granted, in her perpetual state of excitement in the waiting room, she choked herself to the point of vomiting up a frothy pile of phlegm onto the shoe of a drug rep who was standing at the counter talking to the receptionist, but compared to last year when we got halfway there and realized we forgot the dog, I stopped at a friend's house on the way and got bit by her dog, and eventually ended up peeing on the side of her barn through circumstances I'd rather not explain, it would seem that this year's pile of froth on a guy's shoe equals success. I'll take it.

Our daughter A had an adventure of her own! She went out on her very first date Friday night! (I probably wouldn't be nearly as excited about that if not for the fact that we know this young man's family and love them dearly.) So we invited 'N' to join us for dinner before he and A headed out bowling. Shortly before he was due to arrive, he called and told her that he was lost. Turns out he was calling from our neighbor's driveway. He showed up with a lovely box of truffles for dessert. (SO SWEET!) We enjoyed getting to know him during dinner and then I opened the box of truffles. The box opened just fine. It was that sealed bag that became the problem and I scattered truffles all over N & A and even managed to catch one on fire when it landed in the candle. (Welcome to our family.) He took her on a 2nd date to Chuckie Cheese for Valentine's Day, so we must not have done too much damage. (Hmmm....he got lost getting to our house and took her to Chuckie Cheese to celebrate Valentine's Day....something about this boy is bringing back memories for me ;)

Now for Z's big news. I was sitting at A's basketball game when one of the faculty members motioned me down to her and said, "I need to talk to you." My response, "I paid to get in this time." (Yes, I've been known to take my seat before they set up the ticket table. Don't judge me. At $6 a pop, you would too.) But I digress....I followed the woman into her office where several other faculty members were waiting for me. Then one said, "We need to tell you something. Z made NHS." I drew a complete blank. All I could think was that he had managed to construct some sort of explosive device. So I said, "Oh crap. What's an NHS?" As it turns out, NHS stands for "National Honor Society." (I might suggest they stop using initials and possibly cut the drama, like, in half when calling a mother into an office.)

I spent the next several days keeping this secret from Z while watching him rush home from school each day, checking the answering machine for messages, and asking me if the school called. I'm glad I didn't have to lie. "Nope. The school didn't call." (They just ushered me through back corridors into a dark office where they made me think you may or may not be facing a felony, but you didn't ask that. So no, they didn't call.)

All the while we were making secret plans. I had a friend post a breakfast invitation on my FB wall for Z to see, thus explaining why I might be out of bed and dressed at that hour. (Thanks Misti!) My husband scheduled the day off, we pulled some major strings to get his girlfriend out of school that day and invited my aunt and uncle. Yesterday morning (the big day) my husband pretended to go to work as usual and drove around some back roads for awhile. Then everyone met in our driveway to form our caravan.

The main objectives: 1. Get there early. 2. Don't make a scene. (We should have known that was way too much to ask.)

We got stopped by a train and my husband refused to go the back way directly to the designated gym but chose to cut through the main high school parking lot not realizing they had the access to the other parking lot blocked off and we had to drive our obvious caravan right past the big entrance to the school. (Insert fight.)

Of course it all worked out in the end, as it usually does. We watched from the back of the dark CafeGymAtorium as he got tapped, made his way back to us grinning from ear to ear, gave us hugs and watched his face light up to a whole new level when my husband and I parted and he came face to face with his girlfriend who handed him the rose. Perfection.

So despite dog froth and flaming truffles, I have no complaints about these past 7 days. They were full of excitement and memories for our kids. Especially, C, who continues to talk about and demonstrate exactly what our dog did to the guy's shoe at the Vet's office. Nothing like the skits of a toddler to keep things fresh in everybody's memories.

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