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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Zero to Pissed in less than 60 seconds......

Everyone has a unique list of things that pushes their rage button. If my very laid back husband has a list, then everyone has one. I'm not talking about your typical hot button topic like politics that people feel strongly about one way or another. I'm referring to things that some people might not even notice, yet others can't seem to get passed.

I'll start with a few from my husband's list. Strands of Christmas lights that are longer than the length of the house and therefore get strung over to a nearby bush send him over the edge. Please don't get him started. Let's just say it's pretty miserable riding in our van during what is supposed to be the happiest season of all because this Christmas light dilemma seems to be a pretty common one. While you're not mentioning tacky Christmas lights to him, would you please not bring up Green Houses that are attached to the actual house? Oh, and you better not discuss the color of the new license plates around him either....or the mouse's voice on C's 'Wheels on the Bus' DVD that she watches in the van. Basically, he's just an angry driver these days. And I don't really understand what the big deal is. Those things are so trivial.....

If you want to talk biggies, let's talk my list. We could sum up a few by simply saying 'The Rachel Ray Show.' My blood pressure skyrockets every time she throws that stupid salt over her shoulder "for luck".....and I could practically have a stroke when she follows that with pepper and says, "Why not?" Every. Single. Time. While we're at it, I may as well mention my instant rage when her audience claps every time she says 'Parmesan Reggiano.' I tried that at our dinner table and not one person clapped. Those aren't magic words, people. It's just cheese. (So why do I watch? Because I've tried some variations of a few of her recipes and kind of like them. But that's not the point.) Now back to my rage list.....The dramatic opera music that plays a ridiculous length of time as the numbers on 'The Biggest Loser' scale bounce around until finally.....they cut to commercial. Give me a freakin break. Or how about those sections of a Sponge Bob cartoon that consist only of an annoying sound over and over and over and over again and yet Kearstin always manages to seem stunned when out of the blue I scream, "TURN THAT OFF!!!!" with my loudest and creepiest devil voice. She's known me for almost eleven years. Come on. And don't even mention the name Kate Gosselin. Enough said about that subject.

As you can see, my list is entirely understandable, whereas my husband's borders on silly.....

Now it's your turn. Who's willing to step out of their rage closet and share any pet peeves that take you from zero to pissed in under sixty seconds. Here's your chance to get it off your chest.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this......"Parmesan Reggiano." (Did you clap? I didn't think so.....)


  1. Ok, here goes.
    People on welfare who claim they have it so bad and life is so unfair that they hate people who tell them that it is going to be OK and money isn't everything. I remember when my youngest, Matt was a baby. Randy and I were both working (each making $4.50 per hr). After Matt was born preemie and we had to buy pre-digested formula and preemie diapers that you had to order and be delivered by UPS back then, we tried to get assistance from WIC and food stamps just to be told we made exactly $5.00 too much a week to qualify! I see people everyday on food stamps and I truly believe it is a great program to help those in need, BUT don't come into a store and buy chips, soda, candy (including Christmas and Easter), gum on your food stamp card and tell me you have it rough and ask me if we are hiring so your teenager can get a job to help out. Sorry, I'm not into lazy.

  2. Jennifer KennedyApril 7, 2010 at 9:24 AM

    oh a comment !!!!!!!!!!!! Things that take me from zero to pissed in less than 60 seconds .............
    People that chew with their mouth open
    People that suck on their nails/fingers
    Women that are wh***s, ya I said it!!!! (My #1)
    People that lie, and are evil when a loved one passes!

    I need to stop now because I am about to blow!!!

  3. Yikes! I may have opened a can of worms with this one....let's try to keep them a little more light hearted. LOL

  4. I'm with Ron on the Christmas lights and the license plates! Andy has way more rage buttons to push than I do... If you don't use your turn signal then just expect to be purposly rerended, taking an inappropriate amount of time to make a right turn, and last but not least talking on cell phones while driving... so go ahead and check the road rage box in our house hold! And really you might just run any topics by me before actually starting a conversation with him. (JK) Mine consist of when people leave their brights on!!! AAAHHHHHH!!! I'm better now. When interrupted it takes me a minute to compose myself before actually exploding (if I don't I may physically punch someone). Other things that piss me off are small things like the other day I asked the kids to keep an eye on Gauge while I made dinner... I found him elbows deep in the toilet... I better finish this before I punnish my kids again!

  5. Children who WON'T nap even though they have been punished NUMEROUS times...ok, better go deal with them...AGAIN...

    OK I am back...let's see...Tailgaters...not the fun kind like in a parking lot with lots of good food...the kind that stick to the back of your car like white on rice. They drive me nuts.

    But my biggest pet peeve has to be those who say one thing and do something COMPLETELY opposite.

  6. Sorry Sheri but when you said Zero to pissed in 60 seconds expect the most extreme from me. I try not to let much sink in unless I have experienced it before. You could seriously have your own daytime talk show "ask Dr. Sheri", I'd watch. Thanks for letting me vent. I feel much better about life.

  7. That's okay, Dawn! I'm glad you feel better :) And Ron was just telling me to start a blog where people could tell me all their problems. LOL I figured I'd call it 'Share with me'....You can call me 'Share'. lol

  8. Oh this should be fun... here are a few random ones:
    I hate it when someone touches my nose, when the dog poops in the house, when paper gets jammed in the copier, when someone pulls out in front of me while I'm driving, and lastly when a North Hampton cop pulls me over because a bird crapped on my window or I'm missing my front license plate.

  9. Wow, I think I DO all the things that piss these people off! But I have to tell ya that the Spongebob and video game "music" makes me crazy! We do all things on mute! Oh and when random kids in the neighborhood just walk right in my house!

  10. Mandi~ I want details on the cop and the bird crap & suddenly I feel the need to touch your nose....

  11. Hello Miss Shari.....You know what really irritates me besides your perfect list of completely sane pet peeves? Wal-mart greeters who can't actually be bothered to greet me. I mean seriously....it's your JOB!!! Oh!....and lawnmowers that don't know their place and refuse to work after I've spent 3 hours fixing them.

  12. When someone complains or dogs on someone else for something they do when that person is just as guilty of doing just what they complaining about. That really gets my goat! Am I making any sense here? But the thing that really makes me steam is when people who do not have enough money to buy diapers and milk for their babies buy lottery ticket and/or cigarettes.