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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A scroll down memory lane.....

(Several people have requested that I include some of my Facebook status updates in a blog entry. Out of curiosity, I scrolled down my entire wall which took me to December 2008, and began reading.....WOW! The memories, both good and bad, came flooding back. This is way better than a diary! So here is a compiled list of some of my favorites......)

I'm preparing for my "No more cussing" Resolution by taking full advantage of my last day because this #I'm preparing for my "No more cussing" Resolution by taking full advantage of my last day because this #$&*%'ing computer keeps #$%&#'ing shutting down!
amp;*%'ing computer keeps #$%&#'ing shutting down!

I'm surprised at how long it takes for a bathtub full of snow to melt. Maybe we should have taken our baths first.

I'm finally getting some pain relief after a cortisone shot, muscle relaxers, and a lecture from the doctor to my husband to wrestle someone his own size.....

I wish American Idol had a sniper with a tranquilizer gun so that every time Paula Abdul stood up she'd be taken down like a wild monkey.

I'm happy to say the new trampoline is finally intact....sadly, I can't say the same about my "No Cussing" Resolution.....

Was going to take C outside until I saw a cat blow by in the wind.....

Never knew Hungry Hungry Hippo was such a violent game until I played it with a two year old.

I'm bathing suit shopping today. If the Lord would like to return this morning and save me the horror and humiliation, He would have my full support.

T'was a dark rainy morning, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The kids got on the bus as I waved a goodbye, I put the sheets in the washer and the towels are all dry. C is nestled all snug in my bed while visions of coffee dance in my head....

We might be permanently banned from our favorite Mexican restaurant after C's behavior there this evening. (I promise she was yelling "Get my rice!" Unfortunately, that happens to sound exactly like "Kiss my ***!")

Perfect trip to Hilton Head Island until an 8 foot shark circled my family. Experts say to stand very still and he'll swim away. I chose to run from the water screaming "Shark!" and found my approach to be just as effective.

90% of the time, my husband is a gentle giant who never raises his voice or intentionally frightens anyone. Unfortunately, the census bureau lady who's been stalking us for seven months just got to experience the other 10%.

Had fourteen 2-3 year olds in Sunday School this morning. I'll be in therapy if anyone needs me....

I'm thankful for a husband who is really good at grocery shopping and who understands that I'm just really good at pushing the cart.

Just saw my husband use the hose attachment to vacuum his back....there are some things I'd just rather not know.....

Nothing brings a household to a screeching halt like the losing of a pacifier.

Heard that the 3rd Sunday in July was statistically the lowest attended of the whole year....apparently the 2-3 year old class didn't get the memo.

Need to write a letter of complaint to Sesame Street. I have a sobbing two year old because Ralphie the parrot freaking flew away. What were they thinking?!?

Oh crap!! Coffee with Fiber One Cereal....BAD idea.

When Z mentioned seeing a black and white cat in the garage, he left out the part about it being a skunk.

My "Chauffeur" job is kicking into high gear this week. (Someone needs to inform Z and A that it's customary to tip the driver....especially on those rare occasions when I actually bring the car to a complete stop at the drop off.)

Pretty sure you have to stop calling it 'baby weight' when 'the baby' can identify the numbers on the scale. Back to the trainer I go....

Spent the day with C in the pool....one of us refused to wear a bathing suit.

K: "Mom, does God call you Fred?" Me: "Uh, not that I know of. Does he call you Fred?" K: "Yep!" Then she sings, "I am a friend of God, He calls me Fred!" (Now I kind of hope He calls me Fred, too.)

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