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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Twenty-one years ago today, at the age of 21, I walked down an isle to take a vow before God that I would spend the rest of my life with my best friend.  Sounds simple enough, right? 

Let's be honest.  As we confidently repeated the words, 'For better or for worse,' we were actually thinking,
'And we'll live happily ever after.'

I wonder what would have gone through our heads that day if we were given a tiny glimpse into the future?

"Do Ron and Shari promise to love, honor, and cherish each other on the day that..." 
...Ron discovers Shari's gag reflex is as weak as her bladder.  Simultaneously.
...Shari is using the port-a-potty in the park and Ron backs the van up against the door, trapping her inside.  fyi; he'll also trap her inside revolving doors.
...Shari hoses down the living room with a fire extinguisher because she panicked when a candle broke.
...Shari's locking the door of the condo in Hilton Head and Ron sneaks up behind her, covers her mouth and pretends to be an attacker to "test her instincts." 
...Ron acknowledges that he is a people person, and that Shari is most definitely not.
...Ron tells Shari she sucks at first impressions.  And he's right.
...Ron has neck surgery and Shari poses his puke bag in inappropriate positions and takes pictures while he sleeps.
...Ron tries to teach their 5 year old how to ride without training wheels by sending her down a hill on her bike.  In the park.  While she's wearing a dress.  And a giant 4-wheeler helmet.
...Shari starts saying, "I want your honest opinion."  Ron starts responding, "Please don't make me play this game."
...Ron and their 12 year old son get escorted from a car dealership because he truly believed he was The Grand Prize Winner and when he found out that the post card was a ploy to get him to come buy a new car, he causes "a public disturbance." 
...Shari puts all the Cassanos leftover pizza on the roof of the van and forgets it's there.  Except she thinks Ron did it.  But she did it.  But she's convinced he did it.  He'll go to his grave knowing she did it.  And she'll go to hers believing he did it. 
..."Ron from New Carlisle" calls into a live radio talk show about sex to discuss his wife.
...it's discovered that when God brought Ron and Shari together, He ultimately created the complete embodiment of Good Cop, Bad Cop and that works to their advantage in almost any given situation.

 "Do Ron and Shari promise to love, honor and cherish each other on the day that..." 
...Ron begins to realize that Shari's brokenness goes far deeper than he ever knew.
...life takes it's toll and they come to a fork in the road where they ask each other if this is the end of 'Ron and Shari'...and on that same day decide that 'Ron and Shari' are worth the fight. 

Because Ron and Shari are 2 imperfect people, trying to raise 4 imperfect children, as an imperfect family, in an imperfect world, but whose stronghold is one perfect God.

Today.  We, Ron and Shari, look back on the previous 21 years of fun, laughter, tears, struggle, growth, change, turmoil, peace, failures, and successes and understand this truth:

We are living our Happily Ever After.

What God has joined together,
let no man separate.
~Mark 10:9~

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