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Monday, March 4, 2013

And I Quote, Part III

 For those not familiar with this blog segment, below is a list of actual quotes that were said by one of our family members during the course of real conversations, either with each other or occasionally with complete strangers. The idea was inspired by our son who thought it would be funny if our family conversations were sent out to the public via live feed.  Obviously, that would be a really bad idea.  But there are some odd and entertaining things said around here, so I started documenting to enable us to share in a controlled format.  I don't explain who said it or the context in which it was said.  That's all part of the fun.  I hope you enjoy our version of Live Feed, Take III:

"The fact that I wanted to gouge out her eyeballs and shove them into my ears to escape the irritating sound of her voice doesn't make me unsociable."

"I have a sensitive soul, wouldn't you say?....Say yes."

"You just hit a small animal.  Again."

"You almost had a friend and you went and lost his frisbee.  Good luck sleepin tonight."

"I rarely take a picture of my poop, but..."
Reply:  "I'm gonna stop ya right there."

"I don't make the rules.  I just exhort them."

"I didn't realize my wife had that kind of power.  Just a second while I see if she'll authorize me to come over there and kick your ass."

"Security's too tight, dude.  You can't just walk around carrying a bucket of fuel."

"Nope.  Stickin with butt crust."

"I felt a breeze and maybe some toe hair."

"I'll whip this thing around and pee on you.  Don't think I won't."

"Even I realize that's wrong and I have an extremely low standard of socially acceptable behavior."

"Start calling me Big Country...especially out in public."

"It looks like I've got a hickey."
Reply:  "Considering what you're wearing, no one would be surprised."

"I'm sorry, as funny as it may be, I draw the line at blogging about the dead guy."

That last quote was obviously said by me.  I threw that one in to prove that I do have a line I won't cross.  Considering my farting dogs, inserted yogurt, accidental jello-induced inebriation and vibrating underwear, I know some of you had your doubts. 

On that note; stay tuned for blog coverage of my husband's first prostate exam.  Be excited.

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