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Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

You know it's finally Summer when you start to see the Fathers Day cards appear. Regardless of what your relationship is with your biological dad, it's been my experience that God gives everyone a man in their life who deserves to be celebrated. Whether that be your husband, an Uncle, your Grandfather, or Father-in-Law, I bet it doesn't take any woman very long to think of that special man in her life who brings her laughter, joy, happiness, and a whole lot of.....confusion.

It's the kick-off to Fathers Day weekend and lots of my time is spent thinking of my husband and planning his special day. Thankfully there are enough weeks in between Mothers Day and Fathers Day that I've almost forgotten the borderline disastrous weekend planned by my husband and children. (Yep, there's a story here, but I'm not quite ready to share yet....I'm still working this one out with my therapist.) My to-do list for my husband consists of stocking up on Schulers chocolate creme-filled donuts for breakfast and picking up his gift. He requested a box that holds his hose. I have no idea what that is but my plan is to walk into Lowe's, find a blue vested employee, and tell him I'm looking for a box for my husband's hose and hope for the best.

Despite the Mothers Day debacle of 2010, I'm excited to honor him on his special day. With the help of his wonderful dad, he has spent the past couple of months working like crazy on our backyard. He had a patio laid behind the pool, put up a new privacy fence, and just completed a heart-shaped bonfire pit out of stone even though his initial reaction to that request was a big sigh with a dramatic eye roll that he must have learned from our daughters. (Or maybe they learned it from him? Hmmmm.....)

The fact is, my husband deserves a special day more than once a year, and I'm probably not the only wife that feels that way about her husband. I wouldn't have enough time to list all of the wonderful things about him so here are just a few. He works hard to financially support our family, thus allowing me the choice of staying home full-time to be with our children, he doesn't go out with friends because he'd rather hang out with us, he constantly tells us how much he loves us, and he's our protector. (Let's face it, there isn't a whole lot hotter than a big guy in a baseball cap armed with a shotgun.)

Are there things that irritate me? Of course. That's normal. Do I like watching him pull his butt cheeks apart before he passes gas to maximize the sound? No. Does he vacuum his back with my hose attachments? Yes. Is he a die-hard believer that Sasquatch exists? Unfortunately. Did he almost let me die from a nut allergy because it happened during an Ohio State game? Yep. Does he still blame me for missing part of that game? He does. Am I still bitter about the whole thing? You betcha. Know why? Because that's not normal! And I won't even mention how he sprays ants with Windex while he sits on the toilet in the downstairs bathroom.

But he's my very best friend in the whole world and with anything, it's the good and the bad that make up the whole package, and he's my whole package. Sometimes he listens to my voice of reason, most times he doesn't. We're partners in crime and we're in it for the long haul. I knew it from the first time I laid my eyes on him when he picked me up for our blind date our Senior year in High School. I knew it when he smacked my butt like a football player instead of giving me a kiss goodnight when he dropped me off from our second date. And the deal was cinched on our third date when he got me laughing really really hard....and once you find the guy that makes you laugh so hard you pee yourself, you snatch him up and keep him forever.....or risk having some guy running around telling his friends about the psycho he dated who couldn't control her bladder. I chose A.

So here's a big Happy Fathers Day to all of those men in our lives who never cease to amaze us all year round. And never forget how much we love you every single day, not only during your good moments, but even as we see you reach around to pull your cheeks apart.....

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  1. Beautiful Father's Day entry! (well, maybe minus the butt cheeks thing, but whatever.)I sure love my special guy but I love yours a whole lot, too! Tell Ron "Happy Father's Day" for me! (Oh yeah, and eat a creme-filled donut for me:)